Stretch Hood Film

  • Customize the film for the customer
  • Available size:
    Circumference: 1000mm-6000mm
    Thickness: 40mic-180mic
  • Sutiable for stretch hood machines: Beumer, MSK, Lachenmeier, OMS, Bocedi etc.
  • Applied in chemical industry, building materials industry, home appliance industry etc.

Stretch hood film is a more efficient way to wrap pallets in one piece, which is more sustainable, with lower operating costs and energy consumption. The four corners of the film are pulled apart by the packaging equipment, covering from top to bottom to the bottom. It then snaps back tightly when released to give a high holding force on the pallet.

The pallet packaging process takes place without the participation of hot air. There is no need of heat because the stretch hood film has a memory and so it’s coming back to it’s prior size after it has been stretched.


Scope of application

stretch hood is most used for packaging of Heat-sensitive and easily spoiled goods. such as food and beverage and resins

Today, Our stretch hooder films being used to package for all markets products,  ranging from cement plants, glassworks and the sectors of construction chemicals, artificial fertilizers and construction ceramics, household appliances where there is this package more cost efficient then cardboard packaging



  • No heating required, environmental protection and energy saving
  • High transparency,more perfect display of products
  • Strong toughness, high tear resistance, not easy to break
  • Five side protection
  • Minimizes the possibility of theft during transport
  • High speed pallet packing