Boat Shrink Wrap

  • Customize the film for the customer
  • Available size:
    Widths: up to 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m (13ft,16ft, 20ft, 26ft, 33ft, 40ft)
    Length: 30m, 50m, 90m (100ft, 166ft, 300ft)
    Thickness: 150mic, 175mic, 200mic, 220mic, 250mic (6mil, 7mil, 8mil, 9mil, 10mil)
  • Heavy-duty shrink wrap is adapted for protection and transport of products for bulky industrial machines, boats and motorboats.

Industrial shrink wrap is durable, longstanding, strong, used to contain and protect products during transportation and storage and often outperforms other methods of protecting property such as boards or tarps.

When shrink wrap is heat sealed, it protects the asset from damage caused by dirt, dust or moisture during transportation across land or sea.

Shrink wrap solution can be tailor-made to suit the specifications of each project. Cut and welded on-site, shrink wrap can be utilised in difficult-to-access locations and on odd shapes. No restriction on size, and there is no item too big or small.

Primarily used in singlewound, centrefold and multi-fold formats, we manufacture high quality, heavy duty Shrink Films suitable for manual or automated applications.


Scope of application

Suitable for the packaging of heavy duty items.It can be utilized in a variety of applications, From bridges to buildings, boats and scaffolding, furniture, and heavy machinery, shrink wrap will fit. You can even shrink wrap cars and other modes of transportation.
LDPE shrink wrap serves as an ideal exterior protective material for boats and other marine aspects, industrial equipment and machines, and various construction applications among many others.



  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • 12-month UVI Protection
  • Provides protection for boats and other products during transportation or storage
  • Shrinks tightly over the product placed within, creating a durable barrier of protection
  • Suitable for the packaging of heavy duty items
  • Suitable for demanding weather conditions