Shrink Hood Film

  • Customize the film for the customer
  • Available size:
    Circumference: 1000mm-6000mm
    Thickness: 40mic-180mic
  • Sutiable for shrink hood machines: Beumer, MSK,  OMS, Bocedi etc.
  • shrink hoods is suit for packaging goods on a pallet.

Shrink Hood Film is very suitable for pallet integrated packaging and is widely used in high-speed automatic production lines.Shrink Hood film has high strength and large shrinkage stress. It can accurately and safely wrap any product tightly which provides very good pallet load stability and protection.Additionally,  With our shrink film, you are guaranteed maximum protection of your products/goods against external factors such as dusts, snow, moisture, rain and etc.

We produce shrink hoods in pieces and also in rolled form.We offer sleeves on Ø 76 and Ø 152 tubes.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you our ability to consistently produce the highest quality shrink hood film. In addition to pallet hood film, we can also supply shrink wrap and stretch hooder film.


Scope of application

Shrink hoods have a broad application in the packing process. They are most often used in the building industry such as bricks or cement, paper, glass products, white goods, refrigerator, freezer and the unifying packaging of all other products on pallets



  • Thick, strong toughness, not easy to break
  • High heat-sealing strength and strong shrinkage
  • Good cleaning performance, tight packaging
  • Can wrap irregularly shaped containers perfectly
  • Opaque shrink hood film prevents prying eyes
  • Clear shrink hood film for easy visual inspection