Gyplast has been committed to protecting the environment and making plastic packaging sustainable. Our mission is to streamline, simplify packaging process, to reduce the cost and minimize the carbon footprint.

  • Reduce Thickness

Due to the development of high tech new resins and advance Blown technology, we are able to considerably downgauge our films with no loss of mechanical properties.

The possibility of using film with a lower thickness as compared to the standard film, which positively influences the reduction of unit costs, if there is a large number of ordered hoods, this is quite important.

PE film reduces the amount of packaging required, delivering a reduced carbon impact ,due to its light-weight and cost effectiveness. 

  • Environmentally Friendly And Recyclable

polyethylene film is environmentally-friendly as it is completely recyclable.We can produce polyethylene film using post-consumer recyclate (PCR)

In addition to PCR resins, we can produce polyethylene film  using post-industrial recycled resin from our own waste stream.

This protect the environment  and meets your environmental goals.

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