PE Shrink Film

  • Customize the film for the customer
  • Available size:
    Widths: up to 2100mm (7ft)
    Thickness: up to 100mic (4mil)
  • Type: single sheet, center-folded sheet, lay-flat tube
  • PE shrink film is applied in beer and beverage industry.

PE shrink film is specifically adapt to heat shrink tunnel, shrink wrap machine which has one or two-roll bundling systems.

On temperature of approximately 180°C the film shrinks in length and width The film is shrunk to fit perfectly around the goods, which, after cooling down, provides good holding strength both crosswise and longitudinally for the product.

Our collation shrink film are designed for superior strength and consistent performance without relaxation. Tighter packs with improved load holding ensure your products reach the shelf in the best condition.


Scope Of Application

Suitable for all secondary outer-wrap applications:, such as food, beverages packed in bottles or cans, personal care and household products and many other industrial where products are collated together.

PE shrink film is also used to to packaging individual items and bulky items, such as Industrial and household appliances.



  • Optimal shrinkability for tight packaging
  • For use with 1 roll and 2 roll heat tunnel machines
  • Excellent holding force
  • Using a transparent film helps in marketing the product